FIRST Robotics at
St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute 

Team 5590
Our History

How FIRST Robotics Came to St. Joe's

FIRST Robotics was brought to St. Joe's by Mr. Partick Wick, who participated in the FIRST program during his high school career. Together with Brother Joe Wilkowski FSC, these St. Joe's physics teachers act as Alumiboti's moderators.
Team Alumiboti's Goals
2015's Recycle Rush was Team Alumiboti's inaugural game. Based on their play in the FRC Finger Lakes Regional, Team Alumiboti was ranked 19th out of 45 competitors and received the "Highest Rookie Seed Award."
From its home base at St. Joe's, this group of students and mentors has grown since its initiation in 2014. First Robotics Competition (FRC) offers students opportunities to achieve the goal of St. Joe's President, Mr. Robert T. Scott, to "become the best versions of themselves."
Each year's fresh challenge gives members of Team Alumiboti a chance to expand their skill. Hands-on learning hones theoretical knowledge of mechanical, electrical and programming systems into strategies applicable to the real world.
Alumiboti offers students a chance to connect with professional adults, and try new abilities in the safe, familiar environment of St. Joe's. As in any group, members learn teamwork and communication.
A technical career may not appeal to every student. Team Alumiboti also welcomes supporting roles. Publicity, fundraising, writing, graphic arts, and organizational skills help Team Alumoboti thrive.
Though all these aims are all positive, perhaps the real goal of Team Alumiboti is the simplest: to have fun!   
Exciting News
January 17, 2017 - Team Alumiboti is looking forward to its new workspace. St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute has acquired the former Becker Beauty Supply building across the street on Kenmore Avenue. The building is being reshaped to a SJCI Center for Innovation & Technology Education.​​

Yet to be dedicated, the building will offer Team Alumiboti a year-round home. Team Alumiboti will develop the area into a design, prototyping and manufacturing workspace. The team anticipates its large, open area will provide space for training sessions, storage for power tools and machinery, and a display area for team awards and artwork.

The multipurpose center will also be available for other STEM activities. St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute hopes to form an innovation space for individual research and long-range project development.

Team Alumiboti will benefit from the mechanical, electronic and technological resources planned for the center. The team is grateful to St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute president, Mr. Robert T. Scott, for his dedication to Team Alumiboti and STEM studies.