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It's January 9, 2016, and the Cullen Lecture Hall at St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute is buzzing with excitement. At 11am the FIRST Robotics game will be unveiled. Students, teachers, parents, and mentors of Team Alumiboti await the unveiling of a new robotics challenge. What will happen this year? Will the team be rounding up recycling totes like last year? Or will this year bring a capture the flag mission? "What if we're underwater?" someone suggests. The clock ticks on, the music begins, and... 
Whatever the challenge, Team Alumiboti is ready to face it during the next six weeks. Or is it?
 St. Joe's President Mr. Robert T. Scott has backed his resolution to provide opportunities for technical advancement with generous support to Team Alumiboti.

However, Team Alumiboti's survival depends on recruiting support from the community - particularly those who will benefit from St. Joe's graduates with strong teamwork and technical skills.

This year, Team Alumiboti is tackling FRC's medieval-themed game Stronghold. By contributing to Team Alumiboti, you will be supporting St. Joseph Collegiate Institute's mission to foster a "community of excellence," as well as creating the leaders of tomorrow.

Please consider a monetary donation in any amount. We would also gratefully accept gifts of supplies or other resources. Mentors who can offer technical expertise or their business acumen are always welcome. 

Thank you in advance for your support!

Look for your name on Team Alumiboti's T-shirt.

Please contact Mr. Patrick Wick at for more information. Donations may be sent to:

Robotics c/o Advancement Office
St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute
845 Kenmore Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14223

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